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This is what ‘The Idol’ was going to be like in Amy Seimetz’s original version

Footage from the filming of the original version of ‘The Idol’ has surfaced, giving us a glimpse of what the series would have been like under Amy Seimetz’s creative vision.

This is what ‘The Idol’ was going to be like in Amy Seimetz’s original version

Prior to Sam Levinson’s involvement as director of HBO’s ‘The Idol,’ the project was under the direction and creative eye of Amy Seimetz. The original concept would have been a “dark satire about fame and the model of fame.”

The original set images show a bright and girly design, very different from the currently aired version. It has also been commented via Twitter that Seimetz’s original version was intended to include a part that referenced Jocelyn’s past as a child star, while Levinson’s version does not delve into Jocelyn’s true background as a pop star.

The direction of the series changed in April 2022. At that time, an HBO spokesperson issued a statement noting that the series would follow a “new creative direction” and adjustments would be made to the cast and crew to accommodate this new approach. According to reports from Deadline, the series underwent a “major creative overhaul” even though Seimetz had already completed approximately 80% of the series. It was alleged that The Weeknd did not approve of the series’ “female perspective.”

Prior to its premiere, ‘The Idol’ was already receiving negative reviews due to allegations of a toxic work environment, with some crew members even comparing the show to “torture porn.” The five-episode first season has ended, but a second season has not yet been formally announced.

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