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This was Ralphie Choo’s ‘SUPERNOVA listening party’

The singer-songwriter and producer from Madrid is revolutionising the sound of pop music, innovating with every step he takes.

This was Ralphie Choo’s ‘SUPERNOVA listening party’

After spending the summer producing in Los Angeles with Drumie and other up-and-comers on the scene, the artist has just released his long-awaited debut album ‘SUPERNOVA’.

“MADRID 24/02 we play at home(L) me moero de ilusion🥹!!!! 🥹🕊️🧡📿”, wrote the promising young artist on his social networks. The 24-year-old from Madrid announced in style the long-awaited presentation of his debut album. To put you in context, Ralphie Choo released on 15 September on all platforms, “SUPERNOVA”, his first album produced by the multidisciplinary collective RUSIA IDK together with Warner Records.

Until now, Ralphie had delighted us with: “Bulerías de un Caballo Malo”, “Gata” and now “Máquina Culona”. But it was on the 15th when we knew the full tracklist: “Juan Salvador Gaviota”, “NHF”, “Bulerías de un Caballo Malo”, Total90nostalgia”, “Bó”, “Whipcream”, “WCID?”, “Gata [ft. Rusowsky]”, “Máquina Culona [ft. Mura Masa]”, “Voycontodo”, “Supernova”, “Tangos de una Moto Trucada”, “Beso Bruma” and “Metaverse”.

Located in Albarrán Bourdais Madrid at 20:00h, a spectacular space of 800 m2 in Barquillo street, in the heart of the city, the new revelation of urban music presented “SUPERNOVA”. With the help of adidas and Red Bull, the artist sang tracks from the album such as “Voycontodo”, “Whipcream” and “Bulerías de un Caballo Malo”. His unexpected and conceptual style was evident in the visuals, lighting and performance designed for this well-remembered “listening party”.

¿Have you heard the song “Dunes” by Ralphie Choo and Kimberley Tell?

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