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This was the special BIMBA Y LOLA’s dinner

Bimba y Lola gathered their guests at the Ikigai Velázquez restaurant to celebrate a very special dinner and party accompanied by Suki’s performance.

This was the special BIMBA Y LOLA’s dinner

BIMBA Y LOLA has celebrated a very special meeting with friends who are part of its creative community at the Ikigai Velázquez restaurant in Madrid, with the performance of the singer, composer and model Suki.

We accompanied the BIMBA Y LOLA team on this great night with a cast of guests including Ana Rujas, Olivia Baglivi, Anna Castillo, Alejandro Gómez Palomo, Toccororo, Checkin Mela, Cecilia Gómez, Carla Paucar, Chloe Wallace, Songa Park and Mariang, as well as many others.

We enjoyed the creative contemporary Japanese food of Ikigai Velázquez restaurant, which opened the way for the performance of the artist Suki. Attendees wore their favorite BIMBA Y LOLA garments and accessories, and Alexánder C. Luque has been commissioned to record it in his photographs. The night ended with lots of music and dancing, you can see everything that happened in this special meeting in the image galleries.

In case you missed it, BIMBA Y LOLA prepares us for the most adventurous summer of our lives.

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