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We talk w/ Luna Ki, the future of pop

WE SPEAK WITH LUNA KI, THE FUTURE OF POP at one of the most prolific moments of her career, just before the release of her debut album.

Luna Ki, is one of those artists that, love her or hate her, leaves no one indifferent. She defines herself as music of the future and, without a doubt, her proposal is one of the most original on the scene. We talked to her about how she is at this point in her career, her debut album and her concert on the 19th at Sala La Riviera. 

Su tema “Septiembre”, que sacaría hace dos años, la convirtió en una de las artistas más prolíficas del género. Cuenta con colaboraciones tan variopintas como geniales, from Bejo to Kenya Racaile, without leaving aside its essence. Y lo mejor de Luna Ki está por llegar. And the best of Luna Ki is yet to come. On the 19th, the Cuban singer will once again feel the warmth of the public that her lyrics in Cha Chá used to say before the pandemic. Not to mention that she is about to release the most special project of her career: her debut album.

Highxtar (H) – Hi Luna Ki, how are you? what is it like to get back to normal and how has the pandemic year been going?

Luna Ki (LK)I’m doing very well, working a lot and making a lot of music. I’m in a very creative moment in my career. The pandemic has been crazy for everyone but now that things are getting better, I’m looking forward to getting back into action.

H – We don’t know anything about the album, are you going to keep us blank or can you give us some hints of what’s to come? What Luna Ki are we going to see in the near future? Are you going to follow the same emo-neopop path that characterizes you?

LK I think Luna Ki can’t be defined, it’s part of the magic of never leaving anyone indifferent. For me it’s cool that no one expects what we are preparing for the album, but I can say that it’s going to be very cool.

H – Your mood has changed a lot over the years; on social media I dare say you look happier and more positive. Are you better than you were 2-3 years ago? How is your journey as an artist going?

LKThe truth is that now I’m in a brilliant and very motivating moment with the album project. I’m surrounded by people who inspire and support me a lot, and that makes my journey as an artist amazing. As a hard working person myself, I feel like I am where I need to be. It’s a complex job where it’s borderline crazy, it has its share of sacrifice and it’s exhausting, but most of all it’s healing.

H – What has changed in these three years within Luna Ki?

LKShe has grown and learned a lot, above all she has gained strength and experience. It is part of the journey, evolve and improve but the essence never changes and that is the most important thing, to be pure. 

H – Do you worry about success?

LK I don’t like that word, I think all people are successful. If anything I would worry about not having ambition with my music.

H – Luna Ki is a manga girl with its k-pop, anime reminiscences. Where is the limit between character and person? What part is there of truth and lie in Luna Ki as a character/artist?

LKAm I a manga girl…?  Luna Ki and Luna have a lot in common, Luna Ki’s personality is born from Luna, from what I like, my influences and goes according to my thoughts. Really who knows me better knows that I have always been faithful to who I am, either with Luna or with Luna Ki.

H – You play several genres in your music. Some tracks like Rivotril are closer to trap, while others, like your iconic September sounds like a kind of future pop; and you even have tracks with reggaeton influences. Does this divert you from your essence, or is it precisely the essence of Luna Ki?

LKI think versatility is something very positive as an artist and something that defines my music, without a doubt, but I also think that no matter what “genre” I do, my music and my essence are recognizable and that’s where Ki is.

H – You are one of the most original and unique artists on the Spanish scene. In February, in an ig post, you meditated on gender identity. Do you think a lot about identity, not only gender identity, but also your own existence? What dilemmas do you face?

LKI think as an artist I have been given the opportunity to be able to use my voice and reach out to people, to convey what I think and who I am because I know there are people who need to hear it. There is a need today to ponder on these issues. 

H – There is something tragicomedy in your lyrics, something dark but cute, funny but creepy at the same time…How is the balance between light and dark in Luna?

LKAll people have various facets, some show them and others don’t. I am a person with a lot of inner world and it is reflected in my music. I like to show it and at the same time I feel that my fans (who are the best in the world, I love you) connect with that duality.

H – I imagine you will be euphoric for the concert on the 19th, how are you preparing for it and will there be any surprises?

LKI’m really looking forward to reconnect with the audience and feel that energy. We are preparing everything with great enthusiasm and it will be a Fantasia. Of course with Luna Ki there are always surprises.

H – Is Luna Ki the pop of the future?

LK Luna Ki is the future, without genre.


Creative Direction: MNLO (@mnlo0o) + Luna (@lunaki69)
Style: MNLO + Luna
Photography: Albert Mullor (@albertmullor)
Make up: Buuzz (@buuzz_)
Nails: Nansy Nails

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