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Ye to count on controversial Dov Charney as CEO of YEEZY

The rapper has hired Charney as CEO of YEEZY, which, like him, has been at the center of many serious controversies.

Ye to count on controversial Dov Charney as CEO of YEEZY

After adidas cut ties with the rapper, Ye has apparently chosen American Apparel and now Los Angeles Apparel CEO Dov Charney as YEEZY’s new CEO.

The news was announced by Puck’s Laura Sherman, who wrote that she “can confirm that West has asked Charney to run the Yeezy business.” In the report she mentions that this is not the first connection between Ye and Charney. After the fall of American Apparel, Charney has managed to climb back up in the apparel world with his follow-up act with Los Angeles Apparel.

Much like Ye, Charney has sparked serious controversy with problematic comments in recent years. Sherman noted that Charney’s “own transgressive and controversy-stirring instincts have not abated.” He has been accused of sexual harassment by his own models and female employees in the past and has a history of mismanagement, which, coupled with Ye’s recent racist and anti-Semitic comments, makes us wonder how the two will move forward with their company.

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