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You don’t turn 20 every day and that’s why Etnia Barcelona continues to celebrate the euphoria of its 20th anniversary with the launch of the new models in its Heritage collection.


This time, the Barcelona-based brand reaffirms one of the attributes that has made it so successful: COLOUR. The new models in the Heritage collection are dyed in Etnia Blue block colour. A collection that appeals to calm, but also to the immensity and depth of this colour. A colour that has been part of Etnia Barcelona‘s history and that sums up its transgressive, pure, intense and full of life personality that has conquered all trendsetters.

The four models are made of natural Mazzucchelli acetate with 7 millimetre thicknesses worked in 3D that create recesses to give the glasses relief and comfort. Oversize models that culminate in a forceful temple marked with gold inlays. On one side is the font created for the 20th anniversary and on the other a symbol: an eye with a lightning bolt, an eye with eyelashes, an eye with a pyramid and an eye with false eyelashes in reference to Anthony Burgess’ book and Stanley Kubrick’s film “The Clockwork Orange”.


With these details Etnia celebrates its relationship with the world of art and culture through its collaborations with rebellious and daring artists. Four models full of strength and detail come with HD Color mineral lenses also in Etnia Blue, which provide a unique visual experience in terms of colour and quality, as usual in the brand’s sun collections.

 “Azul Etnia” by Etnia Barcelona

For the campaign, Etnia Barcelona follows this journey through popular characters from the history of mankind. Icons that have served as inspiration
and who would undoubtedly have been perfect ambassadors for the Barcelona brand. Among them, Audrey Hepburn, Nelson Mandela, John Lennon and more. 


You can now get the “Etnia Blue” models on the brand’s website. s