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Kaydy Cain (kaydy_cain) and Dice Ailes (dice_ailes) are in charge of making this quarantine as bearable as possible. Together they have just released a new song with a video co-directed from BELLEDEJOUR studio @belledejourstudio by Javier Peralvo and Pawla Casanovas , the perfect mix. 

Hasta el piso

As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And the truth is that this is an ideal time to release a new video. Coincidence or not, this is what Kaydy and Dice have done, presenting “Hasta el piso” produced by Steve Lean (@stevelean4real).

When Dani told them he wanted “Gánsters” in the video, both Javier Peralvo (@samoalive) and Pawla (@mondrian1922) had it very clear from the beginning: a mix of visual frames with guns, pole dance, a Bentley and good vibes.

Hasta el piso

“The most “complicated” part was undoubtedly filming the live at the Inferno party: three cameras trying to stabilize the furore that occurred when Dani suddenly announced through the microphone an unexpected live”.

“I remember Jose Pouchucq, DOP who operated the front row camera, told me: People saw me with the camera in my hand and they were still dancing at me. It was clear to us that the target of Infierno is very serious about dancing in the club” says Javi Peralvo (@samoalive).

Pawla is responsible for the asiatic inspo that happens in the video clip and that we like so much. For some time now, both of them have been caught up in Filmin’s Asian film collections and have been wanting to experiment with that. The result is unbeatable. As for the looks, we highlight Lacoste and the three shops that she likes the most: SSSTUFFF, MAKEO TOP and Polemo Shop.