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The premiere of Fake Famous on HBO is just around the corner. The film tries to reveal the reality behind the idyllic life of many influencers: fake photos, bots, buying followers…

fake famous

Can everyone become an influencer? Fake Famous would tell you it’s easier than you think. HBO‘s upcoming documentary shows how people are capable of faking it in order to become famous on social media and exposes the reality behind the screen. To do so, its team has selected three people eager to achieve that goal and has documented their path to stardom.

Fake Famous “explores the influencer industry through an innovative social experiment,” Nick Bilton, its director, tells HBO. “The film’s journey into this world is driven by casting three people in L.A. who have relatively small social followings and attempting to turn them into famous influencers,” he adds.

With the help of bots, fake followers and super-produced photos, the wannabe influencers build up their network numbers as they live the heads and tails of the lifestyle. In the trailer, we see how the protagonists experience first-hand the pressure and competition they are subjected to in the digital world.

fake famous

The film tries to unveil to the public what is behind the fame of these profiles and shows the obsession that is created by the number of likes or followers. In addition, it gives a lesson that we should not forget: not everything we see in the photos is real.

Fake Famous will premiere on HBO and stream on HBO Max on February 2. For now, you can watch the trailer on their YouTube channel.