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Cozy, sexy, cool. Silvia Venturini Fendi’s new men’s collection for the FW23 season is an ode to sophisticated comfort, the opulence of the everyday and the elegance of the unexpected. 

Against the backdrop of a pinball court with disco balls and the echo of Donna Summer on Giorgio Moroder’s soundtrack, the catwalk was grey with the opening outfit and already gave us a glimpse of the line that Fendi’s FW23 collection would follow. Coats, suits, asymmetrical skirts over trousers, tracksuits, bags filled with mohair blankets… All in cashmere.

Fur coats, oversized leather trousers and jacquard silk, together with cashmere, made up a collection that the brand itself described as cozy, sexy and cool. In fact, it was, as knitwear revealed breasts, shoulders were exposed in deconstructed T-shirts and capes were wrapped around the body in a feminine way.

As usual, the iconic FendiI monogram permeated the collection, from crocheted hats to hooded ponchos to coats. The collection closed with sequined outfits inspired by the era of 70s glamour and decadence. But what surprised us the most were the latest handbags designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi.

While the original Fendi Baguette was reinvented with multiple utilitarian pockets, Venturini Fendi showcased cashmere bags with the brand’s monogram that included baguettes inside. The collection continued with the clutch turned into a real Baguette bread. The coolest version of the Fendi icon continued with the appearance of an umbrella holder in the shape of a baguette.

K-Way FW23 celebrates its Parisian heritage at Milan Fashion Week.