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“Fever Dream” is a new creative proposal in homage to the afro-futurism and surrealism of the 70’s, the punk of the 80’s and the haute couture. Based in New York, the collective formed by Dylan Ali, stylist and art director Bridget Johnson and photographer William Foster explores escapism as an artistic survival tool. Thus, the collection of images reflects the consequences of this over-stimulating year full of loss and pain.

Fever Dream

“While shooting Dylan, we wanted to explore and capture the feel of a modern take on a 70’s daydream, letting the punk attitude shine in each photo. We wanted to build a fantasy world reimagining Dylan into a subculture she naturally fits.” Bridget Johnson.

Due to the current climate, and linked to the events of this 2020, the group wanted to dignify in each photograph that relentless and cruel look. “That’s how 2020 has felt,” adds Johnson. “Having fun amidst the chaos of this year. As tough as things may be, we will always be here and always do it our way regardless of our reality because we create our own.”

As you can see, the result is a set of images guided by an aesthetic in accordance with current circumstances. Thus, this social portrait vindicates not only the vulnerability caused by the pandemic, but also the rage that many young black people are experiencing globally within the latent geopolitical crises.

Fever Dream

Fever Dream.

Model: Dylan Ali (@dylanali_)

Stylist: Bridget Johnson (@qswoon)

Photographer: William Foster (@wxllxxm)