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Last Thursday, October 6th, Lacoste opened the doors of Los Angeles Club Lacoste in iconic West Hollywood, California, USA. At the heart of a space that represents the essence of the brand, Los Angeles Club Lacoste reflects the unique dual identity of Lacoste: fashion and sport.


The club symbolises the representation of the Lacoste experience, bringing together all communities under the unifying symbol, the Crocodile. A dynamic group of women from diverse backgrounds met at the Mullholland Tennis Club with Louise Trotter, the brand’s artistic director, and Venus Williams, iconic tennis champion, entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast.

During a day dedicated exclusively to the concept of the experience, memorable encounters were made possible by Lacoste. The fun programme included a tennis lesson by Venus herself and a pilates session by Liana Levi. The event continued at the Sunset Tower Hotel pool for a moment of well-deserved relaxation. The day culminated in a sunset dinner followed by a party featuring the duo Simi Haze.

Lacoste Venus Williams ambassadors, French actress Garance Marillier and New Zealand actor KJ Apa, joined guests (including Nina Urgell and Belén Hostalet, both from Barcelona) and friends of the brand from different countries and cultural backgrounds, resulting in a clear affirmation of the Crocodile‘s universal appeal.

Lacoste‘s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, the main theme of the event, fit perfectly with the eclectic group gathered for this magical occasion. Fashion looks steeped in sports inspiration served as a testament to the brand‘s versatility and its ability to accompany women in their daily lives, both in sporting and everyday activities.