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The Parrots have finally released their long waited album “Dos“. Five years have passed since their last LP, but without a doubt: the wait has been worth it.

Dos is the second LP from the band The Parrots, an album that consists of 11 songs and is released under the Heavenly Recordings umbrella. The album puts the icing on the cake with production by Tomethy Furse (of the iconic band The Horrors).

Don’t waste any more time and press play:


  1. You Work All Day And Then You Die
  2. Just Hold On
  3. Maldito (feat. C. Tangana)
  4. Lo Dejaría Todo
  5. Don’t Cry
  6. It’s Too Late To Go To Bed
  7. Nadie Dijo Que Fuera Fácil
  8. Fuego
  9. Amigos
  10. How Not To Be Seen
  11. Romance (feat. Los Nastys)


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