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Silvia Venturini closes a family cycle with her latest collection SS21 and gives way to a new life for Fendi Woman with Kim Jones at the helm. Since the death of Kaiser Lagerfeld, the granddaughter of the founders came out of the shadows to take full creative direction. Her impeccable vision of fashion has further elevated the status of her heritage. The proposal presented yesterday in Milan is an ode to the family and the traditions that go from generation to generation. Venturini has set the bar very high, so Jones will have to do his best to prove that he is a worthy recipient of this legacy.


The Roman designer is not saying goodbye to Fendi completely, so we can still enjoy her expertise. She will remain at the forefront of the men’s line and leave room for Kim Jones – creative director of Dior Homme – who will take the reins of the women’s collections from now on. But yesterday, all eyes were on her. Simplicity and elegance were found in each of Venturini’s designs for Fendi SS21.

The first clues to the collection were offered by photographer Nico Vascellari, who portrayed the members of the Roman dynasty with the pieces from the Spring-Summer 2021 season and the curious invitation to the show: a packet of pasta. The Italian family and its culinary tradition are known throughout the world. Two aspects that need the image of the country: great meetings and succulent food on the table.

An intimate poem with its own history, so we can define the last parade of Venturini. Silhouettes and aesthetics of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s persuaded by the modernity of the 21st century. Silvia ventures into relaxed designs and fluid fabrics for men and women. In addition, she leaves a door open to return to the soft mochromatic looks that gradually changed from red, sky blue and black.

Fendi moves one more season away from the streetwear style that the industry has exploited in recent years. It’s time to return to refinement without being biased or forgetting comfort and functionalism. Once again the firm is praised for its innovation and freshness. They opened the parade with unstructured shirt dresses and long-cut linen caftans. The rounded wide visor hats shared the spotlight with the new version of the Peekaboo and straw bags in different versions. Elegant power suits and fluid suits for men and women. We can highlight the romanticism of the embroidery à jour and bobbin lace reminiscent of the linen sheets and tablecloths that mothers gave to their daughters when they got married.

A parade of evolution and learning. The novelty is the fluorescent turtlenecks combined with gloves and booties. The SS21 collection is for everyone, it’s not an advertising idea, it’s like that. Fendi is once again committed to the inclusion and integrity of all bodies and ages. A cast of heterogeneous models with very recognizable faces like Ashley Graham, Penelope Tree, Karen Elson, Mariacarla Boscono, Paloma Elsesser and Jill Kortleve.

We can even highlight the hairstyle and makeup. Sam McKnight was in charge of creating the “Fendi Rolls”, a retro style bass that seeks to form a kind of square mosaic. The makeup artist Peter Philips opted for two looks, the first focused on highlighting the look and the second on the lips.