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An idea that baffles us and attracts us at the same time is the future, we can make conjectures about how life will be, fashion and new technologies that will define the world over the years, but finally only an abstract concept will remain.

We know the past, we live the present, but the future is only the pasture of our own imagination. In spite of everything there is a common notion that is already in the air: “an idea of plastic and artificial beauty” comments the digital artist Johanna Jaskowska (@johwska) creator of the filters that most circulate in the net at the moment.

Berlin-based Jaskowska has embodied her futuristic idea with three new filters for social networks: Blast, Zoufriya, Beauty3000 and Turfu. Inspired by plastic and robotic textures to transform our image through the mobile phone, for her are the trends of tomorrow in futuristic beauty. Like Instagram’s most popular filters, these new ones make up our appearance without losing the features that define our face, that is, we continue to recognize ourselves in the image, because we want to see our “selves” of the future.

The filters created by Johanna already have a multitude of instagramers that have made them circulate through social networks, and are being welcomed by the public with great success. But Jaskowska is not the only one to promote this futuristic artistic movement. Aaron Jablonski has designed the “One” profile, it draws our image in a futuristic way, very different from Johanna’s, but equally attractive and attractive for social network users. Its mask provides a more spectral aspect through the duplication of the face.

Among the last filters we must also highlight the one created by Filip Custic in collaboration with Tomás Aciego (Custic-Aciego), which has become viralized in our country.

The avant-garde and postmodern aesthetics has captivated the creators of these filters who prefer to change our appearance with hyperreal alien masks or with a prismatic creature that with a more Kardashian style is no longer looking for beauty but a completely visual impact.