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Desigual launches its first jewellery collection comprising 57 pieces plated in 18-carat gold and sterling silver and designed by Gala Meyer. 

With this new line, Desigual consolidates its commitment to quality and different, bold designs that express the personality of the person who chooses and wears them. The pieces, designed from an agender perspective, appeal to people who want to show their uniqueness, whether they are already part of the Desigual community or are connecting with the brand for the first time.

Rings, earrings, pendants, chokers and bracelets make up this collection in which elements such as melting hearts, hand-moulded textures, abstract butterflies and even romantic messages such as “love until you burn” or “fall apart while loving” predominate.

Under the concept of “Love”, the jewellery aims to awaken self-love from the depths of the heart. Each piece is a reminder of our mouldable nature. Like butterflies, people are the fruit of a remarkable and constant transformation, forged from within. On this endless path of evolution, we trace an infinite spiral. These jewels aim to inspire a personal, intimate promise that connects us to our inner peace and constant change. In this collection, each piece hides a message that only the wearer will be able to decipher.

“The words that define the collection are transformation, connection and love. The pieces reflect the process of discovering yourself, of seeing the person you have become and loving yourself more than ever. At the same time, they are also an ode to the two poles – the cold, the heat; the light, the darkness – that pulsate in love, which must always burn, just as it burns when you fall out of love,” says Gala Meyer.

Thomas Meyer, founder of Desigual, discovered his daughter’s talent as a jewellery designer. It was then that he encouraged her to develop a complete collection for the brand. Discover it on its website.