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The alien invasion is here to stay, as Giuliano Calza noted last night at the Rotonda della Besana, his usual home. The GCDS show has closed a third day of fashion week with an army of aliens and a stellar appearance of our friend SpongeBob.

The invitation to the show came along with little WIRDO, ethe pink alien, who has been there from the beginning. The GCDS mascot has reclaimed his alien nation and brought them together in his ALIEN DISCO. A dance floor full of endangered species who are just looking for a good time, and to feel at home.

It is clear that the GCDS alien army is ready to shine and surprise. Now, streetwear is put aside to give way to a new era of the brand, a more sophisticated one. Ripped jeans give shape to long-skirted ensembles in pink and acid yellow. Brightly colored swimsuits are interspersed with black, which appears in transparent pieces with embroidery. Without abandoning SpongeBob SquarePants, Giuliano has included in several looks the image of the character, and also of his faithful sidekick Patrick. In this GCDS alien party, there was even time and space for satin and ribbed outfits.

Giuliano Calza turns his show into an inherently political act. And we should never underestimate the power of a minority who come together to have a good time, joining forces on the dance floor, proudly showing their true individual colors.

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