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The new GmbH proposal for Spring/Summer 2020 has made clear the taste of Serhat Isik and Benjamin Alexander Huseby for refinement far from any established conventionalism.

GmbH SS20

The color palette of the collection moved sharply from white to blue and cobalt tones and then plunged fully into olive green and finished with a strong dose of fuchsia.

The most elegant elements such as jackets and trousers coexisted with more sporty pieces that connected directly with the character of the firm. Among all the elements, the PVC-lacquered trousers, which the brand has constantly defended, appeared once again.

Continuing their adventure in the world of women’s fashion, which began with the spring season of 2019, airy dresses, sportswear and tight coats were interspersed, all combined with the typical GmbH man in which workwear strokes meet the needs of elegance.

GmbH SS20