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SUPERGUCCI is a three-part project that will be released on February 1st and will include NFTs and ceramics. This exclusive event is inspired by Gucci’s most iconic designs and Crypto Janky’s ultra-successful NFTs releases, featuring famous characters created by Janky and Guggimon, the celebrated animated artists.


Gucci and SUPERPLASTIC, a world leader in the creation of animated celebrities, limited edition PVC toys and digital collectibles, are pleased to announce SUPERGUCCI; an ultra-limited series of Crypto Janky NFTs and handmade ceramic sculptures that will be released on February 1st.

The first installment of SUPERGUCCI, a special three-part series, will include a limited offering of ten exclusive NFTs with a corresponding ceramic sculpture handmade in Italy and co-designed by Gucci and SUPERPLASTIC. All of these super-limited, high-value NFTs are inspired by Gucci‘s most distinctive patterns, icons and symbols, reinterpreted through the lens of Janky and Guggimon, the celebrated synthetic artists.

To mark the occasion, the famous animated duo organised a visit to the Gucci Vault, the digital concept shop created under the leadership of the fashion house’s creative director, Alessandro Michele. There, they were immersed in a virtual environment where Gucci‘s past, present and future coexist. Vault, the experimental digital space, embraced this new form of collaboration as a matter of course. It marks their arrival in the metaverse and opens the door to infinite possibilities.

This collaboration is a major step forward for both companies in their research, experimentation and foray into the metaverse. It also follows the roadmap set by Gucci‘s innovative virtual experiences and its successful NFT Aria, which was auctioned through Christie’s.

To accompany this new chapter, Vault also presents its sixth instalment of pre-owned vintage Gucci pieces. Following the path that began in September 2021, these items, including several unique designer pieces, have been carefully selected by Alessandro Michele and the house’s archivists, restored and reconditioned. Each item is numbered and comes with its own exclusive packaging.


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