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Earlier this month, Gucci presented its new collection “Ouverture of Something that Never Ended”. For the occasion, and moving away from traditional presentation formats, Alessandro Michele announced a virtual festival called Gucci Fest to showcase the narrative of his latest proposal. Today, Gucci concludes this series of seven-part films co-directed with Gus Van Sant. 


“A Nightly Walk” is the name of the final chapter that concludes the festival and reveals the entire Ouverture collection. This epilogue shows different artists and friends of the Italian fashion house getting ready to go to a party. Rome and the night are the stage; a vespa is the means of transport; and the set of clothes are the perfect allies. The result is a dreamlike piece of 8 minutes marked by Italian tradition.

Thus, Alessandro Michele has counted on artists like Harry Styles, Billie Eilish or Florence Welch for some of his episodes. In the sixth installment, Welch appears entering a vintage store wearing a felt hat and an ivory-colored dress while reciting a poem that he quickly writes in his notebook. A dream come true.

You can see the full story of “Ouverture” below. In case you missed any of the chapters, we recommend you to start at the beginning. It will not take you any time and you will be delighted. You will want to go to Rome on your next trip.