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One of the most awaited collections of the next Resort / Cruise has been presented and as it could not be otherwise has not disappointed in any of the aspects. Alessandro Michele continues to elevate Gucci to stratospheric levels.

Gucci | Resort 2019

The staging was most impressive: it was done at night and the fire began to illuminate the millenary promenade of Les Alyscamps from Arles where the looks of Gucci’s new proposal took place. A collection in which the barriers between carnival and the most sublime fashion blurred before us.

The mix of influences is evident in the combinations that drink from punk, hippie aesthetics and gothic airs that perfectly connected with the scenery.

The bags with prints like “Laundry Chateau Marmont“, safety belts or the floral or monogrammed prints made us go crazy. More discreet – in terms of presence – were the animal prints. As usual, our eyes took attention in the feet to delight us with the new proposals of sandals, sneakers and platform boots in the purest María Ke Fisherman‘s style.

Gucci | Cruise 2019

The layers and the technique in their use show us that Michele‘s imaginary is endless. A new collection and a new dream that the Italian designer has known how to connect in form, concept and presentation.