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Halley releases ‘Ponme Flores’, his second reference of the year 2021 and part of the album ‘Nocturnas’. Together with Cristina Len, this new single becomes an instant hit of R&B in Spanish full of passion and tenderness.

The single ‘Ponme Flores’ is produced by him,Halley, & Sr. Chen and it is part of ‘Nocturnas’, the artist’s next project. In the album, Halley delves into different stories that happen at night, in the context of any town on the peninsula.

The song tells the story of the moment before a car accident, in which both Halley and Cristina Len, go with too many friends inside, returning from a dark night. “Si no llego ponme flores” (If I don’t get there, give me flowers), says Halley in the lyrics.

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Photography by Santi Otálora.