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Are you looking to raise the level of your sex life? Experts say that if the answer is yes, you should try the technique known as ‘Edging’.

Edging is defined as the act of pleasuring another person and increasing their arousal without allowing them to reach orgasm. The goal? To increase tension and provide an intense release of sexual energy when you allow yourself to come.

This is a highly appreciated technique, as it pushes the mental and physical body to explore its limits, delaying full pleasure to the maximum. In this way, it takes advantage of the four stages of arousal: excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. It is in the first two phases that the body prepares for pleasure by tensing muscles and intensifying breathing. And it is also the key point of Edging.

There are several ways of practising it. The most common is known as the ‘start and stop method’ which consists of ceasing pleasure before the person is about to ejaculate. The process can be repeated several times, at the practitioner’s discretion.

In addition, experts and users report that Edging helps to strengthen mental capacity and self-control.

And you… What are you waiting for to try it?