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Hello Sasy collaborates with Lacoste on a DIY line heavily inspired by a mix of cute graphics and old school tattoos with 90s cartoons.


Showcasing her spectacular side as an illustrator, this project stems from the camaraderie and the desire to work and support each other among friends. Lacoste, always supporting local creative communities, joined this initiative by providing total looks: (now) exclusive cotton tracksuits, and their new L001 trainers.

Paula (Hello Sasy) and Laura Vifer (photographer of this editorial) moved to Berlin almost two years ago. From the first minute they felt very welcome. Their colleagues – local artists from different disciplines – helped in any way they could to show off each other’s personal projects, and that support was so inspiring that they decided to dedicate a whole project to it: “From homies to homies”.

All those involved in “From homies to homies” are people who struggle every day to survive from what they love. Laura is a photographer and director; Marc is a tattoo artist; Moritz and Hiba make and design clothes; Leon is becoming one of the most recognised skateboarders in the city and Paula combines her passion for music and design. They all come from different backgrounds and situations but what unites them is their desire to help each other thrive.

Hello Sasy wanted to accompany this collaboration with a new mix: “P*** Off F*** Off”. After more than a year living in Berlin, and influenced by the city’s electronic scene, Hello Sasy has decided to start experimenting with other types of sounds ranging from ghetto to eurodance and electro, with endless vocals that will bring back the best memories. A mix full of energy in which the Barcelona DJ reflects the new direction of her musical project, with the same aim as always: to make you dance and sweat until dehydration sets in.

Listen to “P*** Off F*** Off” on SoundCloud now.