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Heron Preston has just presented his new Kiss collection for SS21. The proposal, aims to change the course of chain production and bet on craftsmanship. Thus, an internal restructuring process has been carried out in the firm, reducing the waste of garments. 

The SS21 collection by Heron Preston offers a variety of basic garments made with top quality materials. “Kiss” also eliminates the production of Preston’s homonymous brand and adjusts to the course of the pandemic. This is why Preston has decided to reduce the waste of garments.

Focusing on the return to basics, Preston (@heronpreston) channels its creativity into a series of iconic and environmentally responsible garments. The pieces in the collection are made from recycled textiles or organic or biodegradable fabrics. The basic and utilitarian garments for work stand out. One of the great protagonists is a bag converted into a toolbox. Also the denim sets combined with the more formal pieces. As they could not be missing from the collection, the accessories range from belts to iPhone cases and sunglasses. As you can see, you have everything you need to shine in SS21. And in a responsible way.

The collection will be presented at the beginning of the new year. In the meantime, don’t miss the latest Prestos releases here.