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Heron Preston FW21 collection is a continuation of his return to the brand’s utilitarian approach. For the season, Preston refocuses its design on utility and comfort based clothing, leaving aside the superfluous. 

Preston is working hard to create garments that are practical and ultimately serve more than just for show. The designer has used everything from flame-resistant textiles to antibacterial T-shirts and shorts. All this with the aim of reiterating his eco-conscious spirit with the brand’s original utilitarian bent.

Although the flame-retardant material is not OSHA-certified at this time, the designer is looking to manufacture more items like these, ready for use on construction sites. Another essential aspect of the collection has been sustainability. The designer has managed to make garments with antibacterial fabric, as well as 100% recycled polyester blends and 100% biodegradable phone cases . Throughout the collection, all looks with the Heron Preston orange label as an identifying element of the brand could not be missing.

Heron Preston seems to be taking utility and sustainability very seriously. Following his SS21 collection presented a few months ago, the designer has also created work boots in conjunction with CAT..  Heron Preston and CAT Footwear have launched the Stormer and Intruder. Both the boot and sneaker incorporate CAT’s workwear roots into Preston’s signature orange utilitarian branding.

We will see in the next collections if Heron Preston follows the same line as in this FW21. For more information about Heron Preston check Highxtar website.