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Steve Lean brings us the new drop of HIGHCHART for the month of April.

Steve Lean

The child prodigy of urban music in Spain gathers his top 10 songs of the moment, an exclusive selection for HIGHXTAR. A playlist loaded with sounds that combine rap, electronic bases, hip-hop and autotune with the aesthetic hallmark of the producer.

Steve Lean has become one of the most powerful music producers in our country, with an insatiable present and a promising future. He became known with PXXR GVNG, opening the doors of the trap when he was barely sixteen, and has already consolidated himself as the essential architect of urban beats. An authentic revolution that has spread his wings on an international scale.

Next you have the HIGHCHART #17 in which Steve shows us his elegant taste.

Highchart. #17 - Curated by Steve Lean-

A few weeks ago, Steve Lean and HIGHXTAR joined forces with other music producers – Royce Rolo, Halley and Selecta – to present Lacoste’s new Wildcard.

Instagram: @stevelean4real