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January is hard, tedious and exhausting. Saying goodbye to it is like returning home after a long day of work. Except, instead of taking off your jeans and lying on the couch, it’s time to get ready, go out and celebrate. We’ll tell you how.


In Lucky Dragon (@luckydragon_) we trust. Tonight, The Parrots and Jai will be in the cabin, setting the beat and making sure everything flows smoothly. So be it.

Lucky Dragon


Tomorrow, the star guest of the night at Cha Chá the Club (@chachatheclub) will be Pedro La Droga, who guarantees a lot of madness, more music and a triumphant entrance to the new month. Completing the line-up: Edgar Kerri, Andrea Vandall y Mygal XDon’t forget your ticket.

Pedro la droga

Finally, on Friday Absolut Manifesto starts. On its first day, the festival will be marked by the artist, musician and performer Yves Tumor. The line-up is completed w/  Mikki BlancoChico Blanco, InesToppanga Kiddo. To improve the poster, fest will brings digital art to the audience with Natalia Stuyk, Ines Alpha & Panteros666, Serafín Álvarez, Akihiko Taniguchi and Sevi Lko Dhomochevsky.

Absolut Manifesto


The second day of the Absolut Manifesto will resound with the electro, house and techno sounds of a new group of artists with a different mood and the same promising essence. The plan will be marked by the HVOB live, the rhythms of Dj Tennis, the underground spirit of LSDXOXO and the alternative essence of JASSS. The tickets have been sold out, so if you haven’t got yours in time we propose you plan B.

Absolut Manifesto

On the same Saturday, those who have run out of tickets for the festival have their alternative dose of electronic music at Siroco with HolyDubs Party: Peverelist (Livity Sound) & Parallax b2b 1st Degree will make sure that you don’t regret anything and that you amortize the night like every Saturday does.



Rastro Live (@rastro_live) Rastro Live (@rastro_live) performs one of its last sets at The Closet Club with Álvaro Cabana and Javi Redondo. Without getting up early, without staying up late, without spending too much money and without stopping dancing. Ok. This is the perfect Sunday.

Rastro Live