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In this dark and gloomy weekend, we let ourselves be carried away by the Halloween vibes and we dance with the dead. If vampires don’t need rest, neither do we these days.


On Thursday Sevenmad (@sevemad) blesses the first day of a long weekend with his comeback: expo, video and zine “Burdein” to immerse us in the experience of their trip through Bordeaux. Get your costumes ready, fuck Halloween and vive La France. In C/ Hilarión Eslava, 36 from 19:00h.



Antifan (@antifan_clubsocial), who just released his song “Arde conmigo”, joins Rata Negra to set fire to the Sala Sol. A concert that promises to blow up the October bridge and throw us into the river, flowing with the current on a perfect Friday to open November.  Get your ticket now on Sala Sol.


We can also start earlier on Friday, because staying in Madrid this weekend is no worse than spending these days travelling. A new edition of After Brunch: Día de los Muertos shows it to us. Cool afternoon with live of Kerala Dust, Whitesquare or Maik Miroux, among others. You have all the info here.



Throughout the weekend and until 17 November, the capital hosts LesGaiCineMad Festival, an LGTB-themed film event that boasts international prestige and social activism. Its 24th edition consolidates it once again as a point of reference. Watch all the programme, take notes of your favourites and catch your ticket. And long live love.


The Kardashian family dress up and take us to the opera. Centro Conde Duque presents a disruptive and transgressive proposal that mixes the classic with the modern, revisiting the nineteenth-century aesthetic with a pop culture costume. “Kourtney Kardashian: la ópera” is the third and final piece of a pure avant-garde trilogy, with a groundbreaking concept and a novel discourse.



“If we continue with this, it is because we believe that a different scene is possible, to create alternative spaces and environments where all people who love electronic music can fit and where egos past away”. GrooveLab has clear principles and passion. And that’s why in GroovySundays you don’t have to pay and neither spend the night awake: there’s no excuse not to close the weekend with them.