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Following the latest collaboration with Irish designer Simone Rocha, H&M has just revealed another line with the famous denim brand Lee. The two have joined forces to create a sustainable collection to be launched at the end of the month.

The capsule between H&M and Lee presents the first 100% recycled cotton jeans from the Swedish chain. From the choice of materials to water-saving methods, the duo is pushing the boundaries and opening the door to a new way of designing and producing more sustainable garments.

For the first time, they have shared the life cycle data of each garment on their website, with a commitment to transparency. Now we can know the amount of water, CO2 or energy they use from the time they obtain the raw materials to the end of the production process.

In the collection they have reinvented the legendary Lee Rider and Storm Rider jackets – originally created for men – in an oversized and unisex version. In addition, they have also designed jeans for all tastes, T-shirts with the logo of the American firm and even denim croptops.

Artists and activists such as Avery GinsbergZinnia KumarPeter DupontAlima Lee and Deba have been the stars of the campaign. A home-made shooting based on selfies of the same models follows the trend of this quarantine and without leaving home they present us the new collection.

Both brands have been wanting to lead the change towards a more sustainable fashion future for years. From the use of recycled, vegan and organic materials, to the most innovative technology to reduce pollution, but is it really enough? 

The H&M and Lee collection will be available on the Swedish company’s website and in its shops from 4 February.