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“Fashion should never go to waste” that should be the mantra of all brands in the world, whether it is fast fashion, luxury or emerging brands. With this quote, H&M presented Looop: the first in-store recycling system, currently installed in Stockholm.

The Swedish brand has decided to take a big step towards sustainability, starting with consumers, offering the possibility of transforming an old garment into something totally new: this innovative recycling process is carried out through 8 mechanical steps, which range from cleaning, filtering and dismantling the fibers to the creation of a new fabric. All this without using water or dyes.

“We are exploring new technologies and innovations to help transform the fashion industry. Getting customers involved is key to making a real change” – says Pascal Brun, Sustainability Manager at H&M.

To launch this new project, H&M has chosen four activists dedicated to the planet and the issue of sustainability: the singer SZA, the model and activist Andreea Diaconu, the English ethologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall and the activist Vic Barrett.