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The murder of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis cop has left endless bloodstains on history, and the world is responding with screams and justice. Sneaker stores, many of them looted, are demonstrating everything from frustration to solidarity for the cause and national protests. Please Don’t Do it.

Foot Locker saqueada en protesta al asesinato de George Floyd

The sneaker community wanted to respond to the violent murder of Floyd last Monday, May 25; an event for which people from all over the world have taken to the streets to cross out racism and demand justice, for emphasizing a problem that is not only related to civil rights, but also to human rights.


Entre disturbios y vandalismo al mundo de la moda, muchas tiendas de sneakers han visto como sus tiendas o boutiques han experimentado esos saqueos en modo de protesta. Ahora están hablando, dejando bien claro que el ser neutrales en estas situaciones de injusticia es estar al lado del opresor; y ellas no lo están.

Amidst the riots and vandalism to the fashion world, many sneaker stores have seen their stores or boutiques ransacked in protest mode. Now they are speaking out, making it clear that to be neutral in these situations of injustice is to be on the side of the oppressor; and they are not.

Foot Locker protesta sobre el asesinato de George Floyd

Major sportswear brands and rivals like Nike and adidas joined in, sharing a beautiful video and message of solidarity with the protesters. The great rivals of sportswear were allied for a cause marked by social emergency. Together is how we move forward. Together is how we make change’.

Sole Classics saqueada en respuesta al asesinato de George Floyd

Other smaller-scale shops or shoe boutiques such as Flight Club, Sole Classics, RSVP Gallery or Round Two, which have been more affected financially by the situation, have also wanted to support the demonstrators.

No matter what happens and what happened today/night/morrow/next month, I love Los Angeles and the people of Los Angeles so much. What is happening in Los Angeles and across the country is, in my opinion, a reasonable reaction to the frustrations of a system that has failed so many people,’ the Round Two store tweeted.