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Having a full and healthy sex life depends on a number of factors (most of them subjective). However, experts say there are certain ‘red flags’ that can lead to sexual frustration. Here are some examples:

Not knowing your body and not knowing what you like (sexually speaking)

Expectations are often set too high. We want to have amazing orgasms but we don’t even know what we like. That is why it is essential to have sex alone, to discover our own body and its needs. This way you will not only be giving yourself self-love (so necessary) but also learning how to give pleasure to yourself so you can transmit it to your sexual partner.

Never talk about sex

It is important to have conversations, from time to time, about sex. Share your thoughts with the other person, tell them what you like (and don’t like) and also listen. Otherwise, misunderstandings and even trauma can occur.

“It is crucial to be able to talk openly about your likes and dislikes in bed. Discuss any changes you are experiencing and how you feel about sex at the moment. Without shame or fear of judgement,” says expert Tracey Cox.

It is always the same person who takes the initiative

This factor can often mean that one party is passive while the other party only has sex to please. This is why initiating sex is one of the most important factors if the goal is to improve sexual quality.

No innovation

Falling into a routine always ends up boring. There are several alternatives to avoid this, whether it is including sex toys during the act, trying new positions or even changing places. The fact that each time is different is what keeps the passion alive.

Ignoring the preliminaries 

We all know the importance of foreplay, but sometimes rushing or circumstances can cause us to overlook this phase. According to Cox, “do whatever works for you to start sex ‘hot’ and not ‘cold’. That way it’s much easier to climax.”