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“The Next Classic Guide” project created by Jaguar and Baracuta aims to define what we can call “a classic” tomorrow. Through the creation of a customized Jaguar E-PEACE starting from the iconic G9 Harrington Jacket and a limited edition G9; the two brands set off on a transnational journey in search of places, styles, trends and characters that they rework in a modern key, in step with the times; everything that Jaguar and Baracuta have represented for the global culture.

Jaguar and Baracuta have teamed up to celebrate British design and explode future trends. Born in Coventry (1935) and Manchester (1937); the two brands have created some of the most iconic and timeless designs in the automotive and fashion world. Both brands, Jaguar and Baracuta, always relevant in the contexts of cultural exchanges and interactions, come together in the initiative: “The New Classic Guide“.

The mission inherent in “The New Classic Guide” is therefore cool-hunting, which in the modern cultural world increasingly merges new models of subcultures that have a potential appeal for everyone, taking on very different facets depending on the country in which it is sought.

And that is why – starting from London, the capital of the United Kingdom, home of the two brands that have made Britishness a pillar – The Next Classic Guide – will cross Europe, visiting Germany, Spain, Belgium, Hollan, Czech Republic, finally arriving in Italy, in February, on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week 2022 with a unique event.

The journey will start from the Jaguar Design Studio in Gaydon, in the Midlands, where the English content creator and brand consultant Samutaro – one of the most influential fashion curators of recent years – will inaugurate the project which will then move to London for the official start.

Samutaro, who will kick off the roadshow, had the opportunity to visit Jaguar’s Product Development Center in Warwickshire meeting designer Anna Abell, responsible for creating the Jaguar E-Pace, inspired by the classical natural jacket G9.

From there on there will be only one direction: Next. With the elegance and refinement, but also with the desire to break the mold; designing the future in which the two brands will place themselves, by discovering in advance the challenges and opportunities to be faced.

Surely the target audience to understand the main trends are young people, the so-called Millennials or Generation Z, and their culture. It is precisely young people who through their style; their opinions and their way of acting can indicate which trends will be most followed in the near future.

The Next Classic Guide will be conceived as a real interactive guide, within which will move talent, creators and communities who will have the task to create content that goes beyond the single shot or the simple message; but are capable of outlining an aesthetic that is an exemplification of a new way of understanding things, the lifestyle of society and the context of reference: the “next classic”.

It will be possible to recognize places, read articles and watch real works of art created on the inspirations of the two actors; the E-Pace, Jaguar‘s compact SUV in a plug-in hybrid version, and the G9 Harrington jacket, with its unchangeable value identity.

Both the Jaguar and the Harrington jacket have been customized for the occasion. The car comes in a brand new “natural” version. The interiors reflect the brand’s iconic tartan; which is also repeated on the roof of the overtone car. The customization is completed by a courtesy light customized with the Baracuta logo. Likewise, the limited edition G9 Harrington Jacket incorporates the Jaguar logo on the forearm, in a brand new reflective version.

Among the protagonists of the initiative, therefore, artists; bloggers; content creators, and pioneers of digital communication will share their experience and passion for the world of fashion and motors in the compilation of the guide.

A cross-sectoral collaboration, increasingly important in today’s culture, which sees fewer barriers and limits; and which is always ready to welcome change as something positive, adapting it to exploit it to your advantage.

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