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Yesterday was the premiere of ‘VENENO DULCE’, the new single by JEDET and a new preview of “A LOS HOMBRES QUE HE HA TENIDO QUE OLVIDAR”; her next album due for release early next spring.

Tired of singing about heartbreak, in ‘VENENO DULCE’ JEDET gives a prerogative to her own musical project and lets in a gale of fresh air with a super-radiable pop song that encourages dancing and other more intimate pursuits.

Composed by JEDET with the help of Piero and CHECHU, and with Lucas Otero (Marc Seguí, Don Patricio, Dollar Selmouni) at the controls of the musical production; ‘VENENO DULCE’ is one of those songs that you are grateful to discover because they give something special to your daily playlist. It could be played after a Rigoberta Bandini song but also after a Maluma song. It can work for dancing like crazy by yourself at home or partying in the classiest club. It’s a unique song that mixes the everyday very well. Like that Gin Tonic that only you know how to make.

But JEDET can’t help being her and needs to be accompanied by a twisted love tragedy. And that’s what we have in the brand new music video that accompanies the release and which has been made by director Fran Granada and his team (Samantha Hudson – Por España). It is an incredible audiovisual piece with a cinematographic flavour where the actress JEDET mixes with the singer JEDET in a love story. In it, the heart and religious beliefs meet only to be tragically separated.

‘DULCE VENENO’ like ‘TE ARREPENTIRÁS’ or ‘ME PONGO A LLORAR DE LO MUCHO QUE TE QUIERO’ will be part of ‘A LOS HOMBRES QUE HE HE TENIDO QUE OLVIDAR’ her next album, which will feature more songs by Lucas Otero, Laskaar, Ainoa Buitrago, Carlos Ares and MYGAL. More news on this very soon.