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Shortly after the initial announcement, Chanel has released the full campaign for its “Coco Neige” collection starring Jennie, a member of the K-pop group BLACKPINK, also known as “Human Chanel”.


The images by iconic photography duo Inez and Vinoodh capture the global K-pop star in a range of winter sportswear from the maison. The outfits include a jacket with the double C logo, a ski suit and a quilted jacket.

The campaign looks have been completed with cases for the brand’s AirPods, as well as chains that adorn both the star’s waist and her neck. In addition, “Human Chanel” has also dazzled in the lookbook thanks to the headdresses she wears in her hair.

“Just hearing about being able to join the ‘Coco Neige’ collection was like a dream,” the artist shared her enthusiasm during the shoot. “I love going out in the snow, doing winter sports. I really like the way the snow makes you feel. Wearing these clothes makes me feel like I’m ready to ski tomorrow,” she added.


The “Coco Neige” collection will arrive in Chanel boutiques on 19 October.