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More than 500 pieces by John Galliano from his 1996-2011 era at the house of Dior at auction since June 7. Hosted by Cornette de Saint Cyr, at the auction you have the opportunity to get some of these legendary archival pieces.

Any fashion lover knows that John Galliano marked a before and after in Christian Dior. His subversive way of looking at fashion and his free spirit changed the direction of the brand forever. Although Galliano has been building his own path at Maison Margiela for some time now, his time at Dior will always be remembered.

John Galliano phenomenon at Dior was unprecedented in the fashion world. The current creative director of Margiela dominated fashion with his spectacular stagings, epic collections, and successful advertising campaigns with celebrities such as Charlize Theron and Kate Moss. The designer also revolutionized the world of handbags with the iconic saddle bag, recently relaunched, becoming an object of desire among celebrities around the globe.

To get one of the pieces you just have to enter the Cornette de Saint Cyr website. In the auction, you can find accessories from €100 to iconic pieces from the Dior x John Galliano archive at around €1000.