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Kate Moss becomes the image of the new SKIMS campaign. And Kim Kardashian’s lingerie brand has not taken long to upload the photos to networks. Without warning and with a spectacular pose of the top model, this is how the official instagram account of Skims has given the news.

Kate Moss appears with several pieces from the Skims Fits Everybody and Skims Cotton collections, sporting a messy hair style, tanned skin, and lots of curves, Kim K’s brand idenity sign.

In a first look, Kate poses with a bralette bra with V-neckline and matching culotte. In the back photo, she wears black stretch effect cotton leggings, and we can also see her in a beige bodysuit.

Directed and filmed by Donna Trope, the campaign will air in 30 and 15-second versions. And the campaign will certainly not go unnoticed among fashion lovers. Precisely Kate Moss, who became famous for her androgynous style, now appears now with a marked waist and prominent hips, in tune with the beauty that Kim boasts.