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Pandora presents its first artistic collaboration inspired by Keith Haring’s principles of love for all and his iconic works of art. Haring’s distinctive artistic vision has been interpreted to create a unique collection of jewellery that allows fans to own their own piece of his art history. 


The collection, adorned with flashes of bright hues and mixed metals, emulates the bold lines and colour that once graced the streets of New York. With 12 pieces – eight charms and a bracelet, two rings, a necklace and earrings – all inspired by the visionary’s symbolic works, such as the barking dog, the baby angel and his signature bold lines.

“Art should be something that frees your soul, provokes your imagination and encourages people to go further” – Keith Haring

To celebrate the launch, Pandora‘s campaign brings to life the effervescence and bursts of creativity that permeated the downtown New York scene of the 1980s and inspired Keith Haring‘s signature pop art style. From emerging rappers, break dancers, skateboarders, disco artists to basketball players and street bucket drummers, the Keith Haring x Pandora campaign encapsulates the infectious energy of the spirit that shaped the artist’s most iconic works.

The main goal of the campaign is to highlight Haring‘s lasting influence on our culture and celebrate his pioneering vision that art is for everyone, in line with Pandora‘s promise to create accessible jewellery that allows everyone to express themselves in their own way.

Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo, creative directors at Pandora, comment: “In creating the collection, we did a kind of time travel, connecting directly with the philosophy of an artist who used his art and vision for inclusion; building a culturally relevant visual language so timeless that it comes to us as a powerful voice. We envisioned a dialogue with Keith Haring, using the jewellery together as a canvas or a ‘wall’ to share a language we can all speak.”

The jewellery collection celebrates creativity, a sense of belonging to a vibrant urban subculture and the freedom of art. You can find it on the jewellery brand’s website and in stores until 29 November.