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Kim Kardashian stars once again in Balenciaga’s latest campaign, taking a selfie while wearing some of the brand’s most iconic items such as the pantaleggins.


After presenting a series of surrealist videos on its official Instagram account, Balenciaga is rebooting its feed to give the spotlight to its true muse: Kim Kardashian.

The celebrity poses for a selfie, a very recurrent activity in her day-to-day life. In the images, we can see her wearing some of the most outstanding items of the new season: Le Cagole Shoulder Bag XS; Shrunk Zip Up Hoodie; Pointy Toe Knife Heel Pants; Cut Ear Cuff and Cut XS Earrings.

Stef Mitchell captured the visuals for the campaign, which also stars Kat Zhang, BFRND and Marie-Agnes.

And speaking of Balenciaga… Did you know that their next SS23 collection will be presented in New York?