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“Stretch Velvet” is SKIMS’ bold new lingerie collection. The proposal includes thongs, bras and bodies made of satin in different colours. 


Kim Kardashian has just revealed the new collection “Stretch Velvet” through a suggestive lookbook. The pieces, which include thongs, bras and bodies, are presented in satin in muted tones but with a lot of shine.

The bra and thong form the perfect ensemble and are available in different colours. The “Honey” model is presented in beige, the “Sienna” in pinkish brown, the “Amethyst” in purple, and the “Smoke” in grey. On the other hand, the body is presented in two pieces united by the waist that leaves the back united by the back.

It is not yet clear whether they will confine us again. What we do know is that these outfits can become your allies inside or outside the house. You can get all the pieces on the SKIMS website.