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Through this editorial entitled “The first of the classroom” El Pablo along with photographer Pablo Alzaga and Victor Bensusi conduct a review of the daily uniform starring Ana Sotillo. A mix of art, concept and high-end that is a delight for the eye.

Ana Sotillo x El Pablo - Estudio Sublime

Full grey sweatshirt, men’s blazers, turtleneck sweater with oversize scarf, sports shoes with white sock, Prada Nylon accessories, etc. What’s not broken you don’t fix.

Estudio Sublime, 2019.

A visual narrative in which Jacquemus, Sisyphe, Prada or ACNE are mixed in a sublime way resulting in a restructuration of the daily look.

Shirt and jacket Burberry, Pant Noon Goons.

Vintage shirt, skirt Sisyphe, socks Uniqlo, sneakers DC Shoes, bucket and bags Prada.


Blazer Adidas x Gosha Rubchinskiy, cycling short Sisyphe, socks Uniqlo, shoes Dc Shoes.


Total look Sisyphe. bag Jacquemus.

Total look Sisyphe.

Jersey Uniqlo, stylist’s Blazer.

Jersey Uniqlo, oversize scarf Acne Studios, trousers Olive, glasses Gucci.



Modelo: Ana Sotillo (@anasotillo_)
Foto: Pablo Alzaga (@pabloalzaga) & Victor Bensusi (@bensusi)
Estilismo: ElPablo (@elfuckinpablo)
Una producción de Estudio Sublime.