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Conceived under the premises of Connections, the backbone concept of SUOT STUDIO, the jewellery firm presents its Lab Diamonds collection. It is a new line made up of interchangeable pieces made of 18K gold that include what will be one of the distinctive features of the project: synthetic diamonds obtained from natural processes that recreate the conventional conditions in which these precious stones are born.

With its past as the only tangible difference, purist aesthetics, elegant and completely versatile style, the particularity of this new collection lies in the offer of diamonds with the same chemical composition, hardness and brilliance as mined diamonds. Retaining the same optical, physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds, this option superimposes layer upon layer of carbon atoms starting from a diamond seed, which will grow to the desired size.

The possibility of choosing a greener option that replaces polluting processes such as conventional diamond mining or transport, guarantees an end result that boasts a new, more affordable, conscious luxury option for new jewellery-consuming sectors.

The pieces in the LAB DIAMONDS collection, whose prices range from 330€ to 1500€, are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes whose configuration, 100% customisable, allows for the construction of earring sums in which the client can reflect their personal imprint on the piece they wear, thus becoming the last link in SUOT STUDIO‘s creative process and encouraging the establishment of their own codes of jewellery expression.