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Concepts and Lacoste are about to launch a limited collection that includes a new iteration of the iconic Storm 96. The entire collection makes reference to Boston, the birthplace of Concepts and the city that inspired Rene Lacoste.

The collection, according to Concepts, has its roots in its shared connection with Boston, with inspiration coming from summer destinations like Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. To do so, the brand re-imagines some of Lacoste’s favorites with shades that include green, beige and blue, pairing these colors with reflective strokes “that capture the essence of the sun’s reflection during the evening.

To celebrate the city, Lacoste has turned to the Storm 96. This new shoe, which will only be released in 650 pairs worldwide, maintains the original retro look while adding more modern and contemporary details. For example, it features an iridescent Concepts x Lacoste logo, leather uppers, gold tipped laces and interchangeable tongues.

The Concepts x Lacoste collaboration – including Storm 96 – will arrive on August 14 through, and in stores in Boston, New York, China and Dubai.