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The Madrid-based brand Late Checkout, founded by C. Tangana and Alex Turrión, finally comes to light and launches its first collection called ‘The Bellboy: Chapter I’.


In 2019, C. Tangana and Alex Turrión founded Late Chekout, a brand that emerged between planes, hotels, long working days and above all, parties. And the slogan that summed up their intentions was very clear from the beginning: Late Checkout Issa Lifestyle. Now, they present their first collection ‘The Bellboy: Chapter I’, based on the imaginary of luxury and decadence of the Hollywood scene of the second half of the twentieth century, through a campaign inspired by the universe of Wes Anderson and the art of David Hockney.

The first Late Checkout collection is already on sale at the Late Chekout website and at Mini Shop Madrid, both in the physical store and online.


Photo: Javier Ruiz

Creative direction and styling: Alex Turrión

Model: Carl Hjelm

Art direction: Leila Rodríguez

Makeup  and hair: Carla Paucar

Location: Mario Fernández y Yago López

Photo assistant: Borja Llobregat

Art assistants: Florentina Isrealian, Jaime G. Zaragoza, Pigmento Studio, Jorge Devora

Produced byLittle Spain