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The brand’s iconic 501 Originals jeans are 148 years old. To celebrate the timelessness of their legacy, Levi’s presents a very special campaign starring seven talents who embody the spirit of the garment through creativity, originality and self-expression.

The cast, which pays homage to the voices of today, includes Naomi Osaka, Hailey Bieber, Emma Chamberlain, Barbie Ferreira, Marcus Rashford, Jaden Smith, and Shai Gilgeous. Inclusivity and diversity certainly go hand in hand in this new campaign.

“The 501 is the original blue jean, so it made sense to celebrate our icon with this cast of Originals,” said Levi’s Chief Marketing Officer Karen Riley-Grant in a press release. “We are inspired by the emotional connection each of them has to the 501 – their personal styles and stories make the jean so uniquely theirs.

Through the editorial images, we see how the ambassadors style their 501s, now produced sustainably thanks to the Water<Less technique, which uses up to 96% less water compared to regular denim finishes.

Levi’s 501 Originals campaign, which is taking the virtual and physical landscape by storm, will conclude on 501 Day, 20 May. Long live the 501.