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If there is one thing that characterises LIFESUX, it is its desire to raise the profile of streetwear. Its collections stand out for the combination between the most refined tailoring and the most informal pieces. Thus, the firm has confirmed that this combination can go hand in hand. 


Season after season, LIFESUX ( surprises its loyal followers. This firm, forerunner of trends and carrier of new languages, combines two worlds that have been gradually coming together. Yes, we are talking about streetwear and the purest and most refined tailoring.

Its new FW20 collection has been no exception. This proposal is a reflection of the stylistic evolution that the brand is experiencing. The looks refer, without doubt, to the nineties and the world of grunge. LIFESUX has introduced denim for the first time. It plays with the fabric by presenting it in different tones and textures. The great protagonists are the coats, and a feather duster and the suggestive jacket suits. The use of recycled materials, such as New Life fibre, in the manufacture of the garments is noteworthy.

As you can see, the resulting symbiosis between the deepest streetwear and the most refined clothing has resulted in this set of looks.

LIFESUX FW20 collection is now available on the firm’s website. Get the best looks.

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