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Welcome to the world of Lil’ Kreets, Bershka’s new physical-digital collection that includes clothing, footwear, accessories, dolls, augmented reality and even a video game. Meet Lil’ Koala, Lil’ Bunny and Lil’ Pig, the main characters that will guide you through this new and curious universe with the first interactive products in the history of Bershka.

In the Lil’ Kreets collection, these characters can be found in the t-shirt and shorts sets for him, as well as in the crop top and oversize t-shirt with positional print for her. We also included several garments with all-over prints of the dolls. To finish off the total Lil’ Kreet look, you can choose from a wide variety of accessories such as bags, bucket hats and socks.

The Lil’ Kreets collection is based on a wide range of unisex sneakers and sandals, perfect for adding a touch of colour to your outfits this summer. You can choose from several models of chunky sneaks, other models with a high top, and three platform sandals with the faces of the characters. In addition, for the first time Bershka presents a small collection of Lil’ Koala, Lil’ Bunny and Lil’ Pig dolls made with 3D printing technology.

To bring this collection to the digital sphere, they have developed a video game with which you can explore your creativity to the fullest and experiment with fashion in the most interactive way. Just log on to the website, turn up the volume on your device, choose your favourite Lil’ Kreets character, and try to collect as many of your favourite snacks or use the shoes from the collection to jump as high as possible. With the points you earn, you can get discounts on your purchases from the collection or exclusive dolls.

They have also developed a new integration of Augmented Reality technology through Instagram filters with which you can interact with Lil’ Koala, Lil’ Bunny and Lil’ Pig. Just scan the QR code to access the filter and focus your phone’s camera on the doll on your T-shirt or accessory to bring them to life and live an exclusive digital experience.


The new Lil ́ Kreets collection is now available in selected Bershka shops and at