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Almost 40 minutes of music divided into 10 songs. This is ‘The Car’, Arctic Monkeys’ seventh album, which arrives four years after their last release.

If in ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ we discovered the melodic side of the Sheffield band, in ‘The Car’ we take it to a higher level. Produced by James Ford, this is a romantic and tranquil album that includes orchestral rock, baroque pop and funk. Perhaps all this has to do with the fact that it was recorded in Butley Priory, a 14th century monastery in Suffolk, England.

According to Alex Turner, the band’s frontman, “On this record, science fiction is off the table. We’ve come back down to earth. I think we’ve moved towards a better version of a more dynamic overall sound with this record. The strings come in and out of focus and that was a deliberate move and I hope everything has its own space. There are moments where the band comes to the front and then it’s the strings that do it.”

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