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What happened last Friday during Paris Fashion Week (PFW) was worthy of remembering and of remaining in our retinas and in the history of fashion for life. And no wonder, since our most famous brand “made in Spain”, Loewe, presented with its current creative director, Jonathan Anderson, its Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

This collection marked a before and after not only for the brand, but also for the French edition of fashion week. As we can see, J.A. has returned to the runways with the aim of leaving us all speechless with his latest spectacular explosion of creativity and his desire to experience a great change.

With a wide-ranging collection of over 50 looks, the British designer won over the fashion critics as the show progressed. This show was held in a blank space, free of “props”, so that those present could focus only on the collection and not be distracted by the location. Well, said and done, and objective achieved, since that is precisely what happened from the moment the first three long black column dresses appeared, characteristic of Loewe and in charge of opening the show, followed by three other tube dresses with blurred prints in pale blue and nude; another pale grey, the next one primrose yellow. But if there was a highlight of the show, it was the looks created with gold and silver armour in the abdomen area, not forgetting the high heels made from birthday candles, bars of soap or nail polish.

Take a look at the gallery and tell us if you agree with us that this Loewe Spring/Summer 2022 collection has been, is and will be memorable.