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This Monday, children under 14 will be able to walk for an hour with an adult. Since the central government announced this new measure, the profession of babysitter is considered to have the most “outings” at the moment. We, too, have volunteered for this developing job, but not just any child, we want Gavin. This giant baby is being a real revolution.

Gavin TikTok

The “little one” of 1.10 cm in height has become in a short time the new emerging star of the Internet. With only three years his talent has conquered more than 75 thousand “TikTok” users, who have started to follow him closely. The exorbitant size is not the only attribute that has gathered thousands of views. His mischievous smile and his crazy and original videos have conquered an audience that seeks to escape from the situation we live in.

His mother Kat (Kat.027)  is responsible for making him the king of the network. She says she decided to open an account on the application at the insistence of her oldest son Caleb. He was the one who told her about the impact the innocent videos were having. Thirteen million views, and more than a million likes for Gavin has jumped from the Chinese social network to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…

Gavin TikTok

His first big appearance was galloping on his father’s back. With each jump, the talcum powder from the diaper was spread throughout the air. Although the baby’s mom didn’t intend to attract as much attention, the Internet was a big hit with him. Kat claims that her youngest son’s amazing height is a matter of genetics. The 16-year-old’s older brother is already around six feet tall. The future of basketball may lie in this family.

Despite all the love this big guy is getting, many others prefer to make fun of his quirk. These people are not aware that it is precisely their differences that make Gavin unique and special. For this reason, we want him for the days ahead. And to see over and over again how he represents The Sunshine Singer’s nursery rhyme “Apples and bananas”.